Celebrities 1

Lenny Kravitz 1 Kevin Bacon 2, New York City Eartha Kitt, New York City
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Celebrities 2

Andre Agassi, Las Vegas Pete Sampras, Phoenix, Arizona Quentin Tarantino, Los Angeles
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Celebrities Black & White

Isaac Hayes, Nashville Tyra Banks, New York City Chloe Sevigny, New York City
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Dance 1

Dance 068 Two Girls in Repose (Balenchine pupils), NYC Balenchine Method, NYC
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Dance 2

Albert Evans with Dancers, NYC David Parker’s the Bang Group, Close up, NYC Paul Taylor Dance Company 2, NYC
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Ethiopia Portraits 1

Painted Banana Boys, Southern Ethiopia Mursi female with lip plate removed, Jinka, Ethiopia Mursi Tribe Members, Jinka, Ethiopia
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Ethiopia Portraits 2

Young Banna Woman, on side of road, near Demeka, Ethiopia Hamer Beauty with Keloid Scarring on Shoulder, Turmi, Ethiopia Young Hamer Girl, Ethiopia


Buttocks #2 (Muna) Pubic Hair (Dominique) Buttocks #1 (Muna)
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Cobra, Jaipur Hand of Musical Monkey, Bombay Hand of Girl with Doll Head, Varanasi
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Dominique, Union Square Street Studio Muna, Union Square Street Studio Johanna, Union Square Street Studio
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New York City based photographer Christian Witkin, was born in Manchester , England , in 1966 to an American father and Dutch mother. He lived in A msterdam until 1984, when at age 17 he moved to A merica...